Artist Insurance

Artsure understands the unique needs of being an Artist and provides coverage designed just for you.

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Working within the Art industry, you have significant risk exposures, planning for all eventualities is a must and obtaining the right insurance is vital. Artsure arranges insurance cover specifically for your industry with insurance you want – the cover that’s right for you, not just a standard package.

As an Artist what are some of the things you need cover for:

  • A visitor gets injured tripping over loose cabling at your premises. A client suffers illness or injury from products used in the artwork sold. Damage caused to property (e.g. public place/hired location) when undertaking art outside of your studio.
  • You may be held responsible as a result of specialist advice, techniques or instructions provided in a publication or workshop. Provision of services to events organised by other parties (e.g. contractual liability) and claims that may arise due to inadequate performance, non-performance, etc. False advertising/errors in publications (newsletters, articles, promotional materials). Infringement of intellectual property such as choreographic plagiarism.
  • Accidental Damage, destruction or loss to your artwork/artist supplies and tools anywhere within Australia.
  • Property Damage to the premises and contents following a fire incident, storm damage, water damage etc

Industry Specific, Tailored Packages

We offer tailored insurance packages for the Art Industry. You can choose if you want all the covers or just one.

Anywhere within Australia

We can provide cover anywhere within Australia for all your locations plus include them under one policy if you would prefer.


Your dedicated client manager ensures that your insurance package meets your individual needs. They are there to provide you with advice and to answer any of your questions.

Hassle Free

If something is to go wrong, your Artsure claims manager works for you, to ensure you get what you deserve.

Types of insurance your Artsure package can include:

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Public and Products Liability

Liability insurance covers your legal costs and expenses in the event you are found negligent for personal injury or property damage to another party.

General Property

Accidental Damage, destruction or loss to your artist supplies and tools anywhere within Australia.

Just some of the occupations we cover:

  • Actors & Theatre performers
  • Visual Artists (including photographers, drawing, painters, cartoonist, sculpture, craft, jewelry etc).
  • Poetry / Story-tellers / Writers
  • Dancers, Musicians, Singers, Speakers, composers
  • Theatre lighting and set designing services
  • Directors & Producers
  • Plus many more