Individual Artists

Individual Artists

Did you know that as an artist you are at risk of being sued if someone is injured when they visit your workshop or exhibition? Or if they suffer an illness or injury from the products you use? Not to mention any property damage that may be caused to the premises.

Without the right coverage, you could be liable for paying legal costs and damages.

The Artsure Package can include:

Covers your legal costs & expenses in the event you are found at fault for personal injury or property damage eg:

  • A visitor gets injured tripping over loose cabling at your premises
  • A client suffers illness or injury from products used in the artwork sold.
  • Damage caused to property (e.g. public place/hired location) when undertaking art outside of your studio.

Covers a breach of professional duty. Scenarios include:

  • You may be held responsible as a result of specialist advice, techniques or instructions provided in a publication or workshop.
  • Provision of services to events organised by other parties (e.g. contractual liability) and claims that may arise due to inadequate performance, non-performance, etc.
  • False advertising/errors in publications (newsletters, articles, promotional materials).
  • Infringement of intellectual property such as choreographic plagiarism.

General Property - Accidental Damage, destruction or loss to your artwork/artist supplies and tools anywhere within Australia.


Are you covered?

Are you covered if something goes wrong at your exhibition or workshop?

As an artist without the right coverage, you could be liable for paying legal costs and damages.

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Features & Benefits


Flexible pay by the month premiums with no additional cost, or dishonour fees.


We can include automatic cover for market stalls, workshops, exhibitions, art shows, festival participation


If an accident occurs, you’ll have advice and support from a dedicated claims officer.


You’ll have the confidence in knowing your policy is backed by Australia’s largest global insurer QBE.


We are an Insurance Broker so we can cover most, if not all, your requirements & you can have your insurance in one place.


We’ll provide you with a certificate of currency to give to your Landlords or other parties.