• Indvidual Artists

    • Are you covered if something goes wrong at your exhibition or workshop? As an artist without the right coverage, you could be liable for paying legal costs and damages.

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  • Arts Groups

    • Need cover for an Incorporated Group or an Art Group? Artsure provides comprehensive and tailored insurance to give you confidence in your cover at the value you want.

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  • Regional Arts NSW Members

    • Are you a NSW Not for Profit Arts Group? Become a member of Regional Arts NSW and save up to 40% on your insurance.

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Tailored Packages

We offer tailored insurance packages for individual artists and groups. You choose if you want all the covers or just one. To make it easier you can also pay by the month for no additional cost.

Anywhere within Australia

We include automatic cover anywhere within Australia for all your activities including market stalls, workshops, exhibitions, art shows, festival participation and can extend to include organisers of festivals

Best Support

If something goes wrong, you’ll have the advice and support from a dedicated client manager & claims officer. You’ll also have the confidence in knowing your policy is backed by Australia’s largest global insurer QBE.

What is PL Insurance?

PL is Public/Products Liability; also referred to as Broadform Liability. This insurance pays compensation to a third party for any bodily injury or property damage for which the insured is liable.

Why do I need PL insurance?

By law, we have a duty of care to others around us. An individual is required to exercise reasonable care to others such as those in your care, those using your services or those exposed to your activities. If one is found negligent, the injured party can bring action to seek damages or compensation. A PL policy also covers legal costs subject to its terms & conditions.

I am covered by the venue where I perform such as RSL/Church/Café etc.?

Most venues carry PL insurance but the cover is only for the benefit of the venue owner/operator. If the act is caused by you their insurers will deal with their claim and the insurers reserve the right to recover against you. Therefore, it is prudent to clarify who is responsible to insure your liability.

What if my circumstances such as type of work performed, place of work change?

A Standard policy provides cover anywhere within Australia subject to its terms and conditions.Most policies contain exclusions relating to work in mines, underwater, within part of an airport etc. Conditions such as “duty of disclosure” requires you to advise if there is any changes in information provided at the start of cover or when the change increases the risks.

Can I participate in a Festival, market day, and exhibition?

Yes as long as you have advised insurers at the start of cover the type of activities which will be undertaken by you.


Are you covered?

What can an Artsure Art insurance policy cover?
Individual artists or anyone engaged in various arts mediums, crafts and cultural activities.

What Do We Cover?
If you hold market stalls, workshops, exhibitions or all of the above, you are exposed to personal liability if your action causes injury or property damage to a third party.

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